Akona Grand XL Inflatable Double Kayak

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Akona Grand XL Kayak

Inflatable Double Kayak

Built for two, our Grand XL iKayak. This tandem iKayak is the largest in our fleet, the Grand XL is a great kayak is the swiss-army knife of kayaks. With multi-position seat options, you can head out on the water with two people, or with a kid in the middle, or you can also solo paddle the Grand XL as well. Comes decked out with two seats as well as an inflatable kid’s seat. Our tandem Inflatable Kayak features heavy-duty PVC bladder and Denier Nylon cover material that helps form a supremely lightweight watercraft. Designed with a tracking tip at the front of the iKayak, and a removable fin in the rear, the Grand XL iKayak is easily maneuverable and super stable in the water.

Comes with an adjustable three-piece paddle, Velcro-adjustable seat, dual-action hand pump all bundled up in a ready-to-go backpack. Everything you need to head out and explore.


2 Bungee Storage Zone

3-chamber construction

Heavy duty PVC bladder and Denier Nylon cover

Tarpaulin Haul

Velcro adjustable padded seats

Seat pocket & fishing rod storage

Multi-positional seat placement (two seats + kids center seat)

Rubber comfort grab handles

Paddle storage Velcro-loops

Low & stable center of gravity

Wind deflectors at front and rear

Tracking tip

Removable rear fin


Size: 14’5” L x 40”W

Capacity: 600lbs

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