Atomic Aquatics Cobalt Computer Top Cover USED


Atomic Aquatics Cobalt Computer Top Cover


Manufactured in the United States, the Atomic Aquatics Cobalt Computer Top Cover is easy to install and allows you to protect your dive computer in fashionable style. Once it has been installed onto your Aquatics Cobalt computer, it stays securely in place and does not block the screen's display, enabling you to see all of your data clearly and without any obstruction. While the cover is an optional piece of equipment, it is highly recommended as an added level of protection for your dive computer.


Since the Atomic Aquatics Cobalt Computer Top Cover is available in several colors, including blue, red, black, pink, and yellow, you can easily color-coordinate it with the rest of your gear, including snorkels, masks, and fins. You also have the option to mix colors if you prefer not to use a single color. The plastic construction of this top cover is strong, delivering a high level of durability while also offering secure protection for your Atomic Cobalt dive computer against accidental impact with other surfaces, safeguarding the investment you have placed into your equipment. This dive computer cover comes with a limited 12-month warranty. Details can be found on the company's website.

 The Atomic Aquatics Cobalt Computer Top Cover offers each of the following features:

 Available in red, pink providing customization and style

Compatible with Aquatics Cobalt computers

 Highly durable and strong

 Impact resistant

 Sturdy plastic construction

 Lightweight at 0.10 lbs.


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