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Ocean Guardian SCUBA7 Shark Deterrent Protection for Scuba Divers


Ocean Guardian SCUBA7


Powered by Shark Shield Technology, the SCUBA7 is the ultimate ocean guardian for military, scientific and high-performance sports divers. Perfect for scuba divers concerned about the trailing antenna of the FREEDOM7; the SCUBA7 offers a highly effective but more compact shark deterrent solution, ensuring complete freedom of movement. The SCUBA7 offers protection to up to 50 meters below the ocean surface.




   The world’s most scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent – and proven to deter Great Whites.

   Creates a powerful protective electrical field approx. 6 m (19.69 ft) x 4 m (13.12 ft) in diameter that turns sharks away.

   Electrical field created via a specially designed tank mounted plate electrode, a short 600mm (23 in) low drag antenna electrode worn on the ankle, and a power module strapped to the thigh.

   Shark Shield Technology can only repel sharks and rays. It does not affect or repel fish, crocodiles, dolphins, whales or freshwater creatures.

   Does NOT attract sharks.

   Trusted by the US and Australian Navies and mandated safety equipment for many professional diving organisations.

   Built-in rechargeable lithium battery provides up to six-hours of continuous operation, and over 1000 charge cycles.

   Easy to see LED operational status including battery life indicator.

   Depth rated to 50 m (164 ft).

   Includes charger with international power adapters (Australia, USA, Europe, and Asia)

   30-Day Money Back Guarantee

   Covered by Ocean Guardian's Standard Warranty


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