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Ocean Reef Duo Travel Ready Fins Set Scuba, Diving, Freedive, Snorkeling Black


Ocean Reef Duo – Travel Ready Fins

This Fins have the Logo missing or half-printed.  It does not change the functionality of the fins at all


DUO FINS – Get the best experience with Ocean Reef’s easy-to-adjust DUO Fins. Great for both beginning and experienced snorkelers.

DUO FINS – For Snorkeling, Maximum Comfort and Lightweight for Easy Packing and Traveling

Unisex. Ensure the best experience with Ocean Reef’s Duo Fins, comfortable fins with comfortable foot pocket for most foot sizes 4.5-13. These lightweight, easy-to-wear fins give you maximum comfort.

With a neoprene pad and quick release strap they are very easy to adjust. The comfortable and easy-to-wear fins are packaged in a matching transparent bag from the ARIA line with shoulder strap for easy carrying and mesh bottom for drying.

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