Dive 1st Aid

Dive 1st First Aid Rescue Scuba Diving Kit

$125.00 - $179.99

Rescue Diver Kit


   If you are a Rescue Diver - be prepared to rescue!

   Treat wounds, stings, scrapes, cuts and punctures

   Contains products to clean, disinfect and control pain

   Includes trauma shears and tweezer forceps

   Organized padded soft case

You have taken your dive training to the next level, so make sure you have the supplies you need to support that training. Our Rescue Diver Kit is just the kit you need.


Included in this kit you’ll find everything that is in our Scuba Diver and Advanced Diver Kits but with increased quantities, as well as additional instruments and supplies to handle anything from minor cuts and scrapes to severe injuries with potential for major blood loss. Additional items include bloodstopper bandages, eye pads, iodine prep pads, emergency blanket, instant hot and cold packs, pen light, safety pins, and larger gauze wraps, elastic wraps, gauze pads, cloth tape and vinegar.


Packed in a water-resistant clam shell or a waterproof Seahorse© hard case, this kit should be a looked upon as a required must have for every rescue diver.

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Rescue Scuba Diver Kit
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