Genesis Graviton Color Wrist Dive Computer Scuba Diving GCC-02


Genesis Graviton Color Watch Computer

The Genesis Graviton takes all the best features of the Centauri and adds a beautiful color screen. This new Genesis daily watch & diving computer provides a high-resolution color display using a MIP (Memory In Pixel) LCD screen for clarity and brightness. This full featured dive watch computer features Scuba, Free Dive, and Nitrox modes. With five buttons, navigation is intuitive and simple, making the Graviton one of the easiest computers to use. The MIP (Memory In Pixel) color screen provides contrast, allowing you to find the information you need immediately. Every setting is adjustable to optimize your diving experience. All in an easy to view and navigate system. Like the Centauri the Graviton utilizes the Buhlmann ZHL-16C algorithm.


There are also thousands of Dive Sites around the world programed into the computer. When arriving at the Dive Site and the Scuba and Free Dive Modes are turned on the GPS starts searching for the location coordinates. The searching is show with a flashing target symbol. If the Dive Site is recognized the Dive Site Name will show at the top of the screen. If it is not recognized than the GPS coordinates are shown.




Scuba, Free Dive, and Watch Mode

Nitrox support up to 56%

Maximum operating depth: 100m/328ft

Backlight screen

Rechargeable battery

Resettable settings





Twist To Next (Compass & Nitrogen Loading)

Buhlmann ZHL-16C Algorithm

Diver Log

Dive Story + App

Smart Phone Wireless Sync

Long Battery Life

Audible Alarm

Vibration Alarm

User Log Clear

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