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Ocean Reef Neptune III Backpack Bag Divers Full Face Diving Mask Carrier

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Ocean Reef Neptune III Backpack

A backpack for Scuba Divers, designed by Scuba Divers.

Versatility, adaptability, functionality, customization and bad ass design are the key words to this new, exciting, product from OCEAN REEF.

When engineering our newest IDM – the Neptune III, we were confronted with the challenge to offer more to our customers.

To do that we asked ourselves the question: “what would we, as FFM users, would like as features in a packaging for our mask?”. The answer was that we do not care for a disposable box or bag. We want something that we can use to dive better.

This backpack is now not only our Neptune III “packaging”, but a sold separately accessory as well, featuring tens of features that will challenge your creativity and satisfy your need for an intelligent solution when traveling with your OCEAN REEF Full Face Mask.

Soft material padding for a comfortable wearing.

Waterproof material for the external side.

2 waterproof external pockets.

6 D-rings and carabiners on the shoulder straps to hang accessories.

Emergency whistle on chest clip.

Different straps set ups for carrying gear.

2 secret pockets.

Smart opening to have access to the mask and an elastic strap to hold it.

In the mask compartment: 2 pockets for tools and little accessories and a power bank pocket.

Lower compartment with easy access and high load capacity for first stage, hoses, octo.

Draining mesh on bottom.

Waterproof changing mat.

OCEAN REEF name tag.


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