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Deep Diving

Deep Diving

videoSSI Deep Diving

Dive in places where only a few have explored before! Get the experience of diving on a wreck below 60 feet/18 meters! To do these dives safely, you need the right skills and the right knowledge and that is exactly what the DEEP DIVING course provides for you.

Many exciting dive sites are located in deeper water. Without proper training, this kind of diving puts you at risk. The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will give you the ability to safely and comfortably plan and conduct dives beyond 60 feet/18 meters, and is a prerequisite for some advanced training.

This course will provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience required to make these types of dives safely and comfortably.

Course Content:

   Your Total Diving System & Deep Diving

   Planning Your Deep Dive

   Your Deep Dive

   Potential Hazards

   Repetitive Deep Diving

The primary goal of any SSI Specialty course is to teach you important skills in a fun environment. All courses are taught using home study, short academic sessions, and in-water training.